Denair Middle School School Site Council

Denair Middle School School Site Council

Dear DMS Families,

The purpose of the School Site Council (SSC) is to develop a program that is responsive to the needs of the students at the school. In order to accomplish this goal, the SSC meets on a quarterly basis to assess the effectiveness of the school improvement program by planning, developing and approving the School Site Plan. The SSC also reviews and updates the categorical budget. At Denair Middle School the SSC meets four times a year in the school library. The meetings for this year are scheduled on the following Mondays, beginning at 5pm:

September 11, 2023
November 13, 2023
January 22, 2024
March 11, 2024

Please contact our office if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you on our school site plan. Thank you for your time. 


Gabriela Sarmiento
Middle School Principal